We have 3 sponsor opportunities available.
Your business can sponsor an entire country for $1,000/mo, a premium city (cities in the US with over 100k people, state capitals, or major tourist destinations) for $500/mo, or non-premium cities for $100/mo.

For example, sponsor Germany for $1,000/mo and anytime someone opens Finalee anywhere within the country, they’ll see your business name on the loading screen as Germany’s exclusive sponsor. Sponsor Winthrop, MA (a non-premium US city) for $100/mo or Boston, MA (a premium US city) for $500/mo and the same thing happens. Exclusive sponsorship, linkable to any site you want.

Sponsoring is not marketing. Despite finding clever ways to use Finalee as a marketing tool, most businesses just like having their name associated with our terrific app. Sponsor a city, keep your payments current, and be assured that no other business can sponsor that city, regardless of how much they offer us. Once you’re onboard, you can relax.